1 by 8 by 3

Composed and directed by Allen Fogelsanger in collaboration with Max Buckholtz and Rob Collins

1 by 8 by 3 was composed in the fall and winter of 1999-2000 to accompany a concert of dance created by faculty Jumay Chu, Janice Kovar, Joyce Morgenroth, and Jim Self, and students Cheryl Hunt, Ellen London, Lena Rose Magee, and Tatiana Thieme, in the Dance Program of the Department of Theatre, Film & Dance at Cornell University. The concert consisted of a single work called 1 by 8 choreographed collaboratively under the concert directorship of Jumay Chu, and was performed March 9-12, 2000. The music on this webpage is a reconstruction of the musical score, altered somewhat for purely auditory presentation.

The dance was divided by the intermission into halves titled Part I and Part VIII; the music further subdivides into the seven sections corresponding to the MP3 tracks (some not available) below. All of the sections include elements of improvisation, and range from very free structured improvs to through-composed music with occasional improvised solo parts. Allen Fogelsanger constructed and organized both the structured improvs and the written music, but he relied heavily on input from both Max Buckholtz and Rob Collins, who are responsible for many of the musical choices made in both the composition and performance of the work.

Part I


  • Wind - (7:08)
  • Arvo - (10:39)
  • Noise (5:36)
  • Canzona (5:01)
Syau-Cheng Lai, Fugue, 1997

Recorded by Rob Collins at the Fogelsanger & Lai Studio Gallery July 26-27, 2000 and June 5-6, 2001. Produced by Rob Collins.

  • Max Buckholtz - violin, viola, mandolin, electric bass guitar, pennywhistle, recorder, bottle, metronome, voice, paper, castanet, bongos
  • Rob Collins - samples, synthesizer, djembe, mandolin, tenor recorder, bottle, metronome, voice, paper
  • Allen Fogelsanger - piano, soprano recorder, bottle, metronome, voice, paper, white noise, keys, castanet, bongos, Tibetan bowls, miniature bells, triangle

Detailed program notes are here. Due to webspace limitations only some tracks are online. For a CD contact Allen Fogelsanger at Armadillo Dance Project.

Updated October 21, 2010