Video - Ann Johnston Miller
Music - Allen Fogelsanger

The video images for Bubbles were filmed in the winter of 2001-02 at Idyllic Wilderness Creek in upstate New York. They attempt to capture subtle visual aspects of natural phenomena, including the ephemeral textures of the play of sunlight and cloud on the stream's frozen surface and the uneven rhythms of interactions among water, air, and ice. The sound was derived from the original captured water noises, and the piano part was composed from the loudest frequency bursts in the water track. Some sound was temporally displaced to invite the perception of relationships with the video. Completed Summer 2005. Either single play or loop.

Ann Johnston Miller has worked as a professional studio ceramist for thirty years making clay sculpture and functional work as well as welded steel sculpture and installation. She has shown in the New York City and the central New York state areas as well as in the southeastern United States. In 2000 she began working with video. The videos have been shown at the Ladyfest East film festival in New York City and Rooftop Films in Brooklyn, New York.

Allen Fogelsanger composes music for dance, accompanies classes, writes movement-interactive computer programs and teaches courses on dance and music. He was for many years Director of Music for Dance at Cornell University and now works at New York University, Marymount Manhattan College, the Gibney Dance Center and Ballet Arts. His music, alone and as part of dances, videos and installations, has been presented in North and South America and in Europe.

Selected for presentation at

Seensound: Visual/Music Series
Melbourne, Australia
April 9, 2014

Circuit Bridges Concert No. 1
New York, New York
March 27, 2014

Moving Landscapes V
CRS Barn Studio, Ithaca, New York
August 18, 2012

Wired for Sound, in conjunction with the Boston Cyberarts Festival
Longy School of Music, Cambridge, Massachusetts
April 26, 2009

Region II Conference of the Society of Composers, Inc. (SCI)
Hamilton College, Clinton, New York
November 10, 2006

Invited for presentation at

I Seminário Internacional de Artes Integradas
Universidade Federal de Goiás, Goiânia, Brazil
October 18, 2013

Audio only selected for presentation at

OEuvres Ouvertes: Panorama 2006 L'eau
37th International Festival of Electroacoustic Music, Bourges, France
June 7, 2007

Synthèse 2006
Bourges, France
June 2-11, 2006