Some music for Glory and Rue: Street Dances

The music for the dance Glory and Rue: Street Dances, presented by Cornell University's Department of Theatre, Film & Dance on March 5-8, 2009, was written by Allen Fogelsanger. The evening-length work directed by Jumay Chu is in three acts, the music from the first two available at the links below.

The Act II music is the first music with pulse that I've written for a number of years, though the beat does vary from section to section. I've left the Act III music out because on a computer its sound is too unlike that produced in the theatre, which has quite a few idiosyncratic acoustic properties that I needed to solve. The resulting soundfile was made especially for that hall and doesn't work so well otherwise, and I've not taken the time to remix it properly for more pristine settings.

Revised October 20, 2010