composed by
Allen Fogelsanger

The music wasn't music in the comfortable sense of the word; instead it was pure, elemental sound: dripping water, discombobulated tones, or complete silence except for the dancers' breathing.
The Cornell Daily Sun

Residues is the set recorded arrangement of music that accompanies a dance called...


Choreography: Jumay Chu
Music: Allen Fogelsanger
Scenic Design and Lighting Design: E.D. Intemann
Video: Marilyn Rivchin
Art: Amaechi Okigbo
Costume Design: Richard MacPike

Premiered March 8, 2007
22 minutes

Background image: Dancer Emiko Manners in the dance Planes choreographed by Jumay Chu. The video linked to above, and from which the still image was taken, was shot by Marilyn Rivchin, Miguel Rojas and Bryan Foster, and edited by Marilyn Rivchin.

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