Just Hanging Around

In a somewhat ambiguous combination of performance space and public space, a group of performers are arranged to create an installation that explores the similarly ambiguous distinctions between performance and exhibit, and between performer and artwork. At times, they have the spatial aspect of sculptures placed in a gallery space. At other times, they gesture, react, and adjust as needed so that over the course of the evening, they transition between periods of highly formalised spatial composition and periods of more relaxed and improvised arrangements.

Performed as part of Shadoworks, a London Sinfonietta event curated by the London Sinfonietta Collective
Thursday, June 3, 2010
Queen Elizabeth Hall, Southbank Centre
London, UK

Director & Designer: Kathleya Afanador
Performers: Irina Baldini, Hulya Baytar, Carly Blackburn,
Lauren Bridle, Helen Brushett, Jessica Hothersall,
Antje Hildebrandt, Elena Koukoli, Katerina Paramana

Special Thanks to: Allen Fogelsanger, Amy Majumdar, and
the other members of the London Sinfonietta Collective