Additional design notes on Perimeter of a Parameter

    The dancer in the image on the main Perimeter page linked to above is Emiko Manners. The costumes are designed by Sarah E. Bernstein, and the lighting by John Stechschulte.

    On the Perimeter music page is another still from the dance. The dancers in the image are, from left to right, Risa Fujita, Emiko Manners, Michel Ohmer, Rebecca Sanders-DeMott, and Laura Piwinski. One can just barely see one of Ryan Spicer's projections reaching diagonally from the upper left corner to the lower right corner, just crossing Laura's foot. The projections were controlled by a computer relying on movement information from camcorders, a framework created with the assistance of Warren Cross and programmed with EyesWeb. And of course the choreography was by Kathleya Afanador and the music by Allen Fogelsanger.

    An excellent article on Perimeter appeared in Cornell Alumni Magazine 109/1 (July/August 2006). Bodies Meet Bytes was written by Susan Kelley and appears on pp. 33-35 of the print version.

    Revised January 24, 2009