Beginning January 2012, music is posted monthly as a free episode on the iTunes Podcast site Music by Allen Fogelsanger.
  • the creatures play across the sea, the stars, and silence (2012) for two quartets in telematic communication
  • Tutankhaten (2011), an online variable composition for MIDI piano
  • Fiboboogie (2011) for digital media
  • In Memory of the Cornell Dance Program (2011) for digital media
  • Receptions and Exchanges (2010) for digital media with optional wiimotes, computer and dancers
  • Music for Broken Chase (2009) for digital media, camcorder, computer and dancers
  • Seven Simple Percussion Pieces for Apple's Synthesizer (2009) for digital media
  • Music for Glory and Rue: Street Dances (2009) for digital media
  • Red Bites for a Rainy Day (2009) for digital media
  • Playing with Liquid Mercury II (2008) for digital media, camcorder, computer and dancers
  • Playing with Liquid Mercury (2007) for digital media, camcorder, computer and dancers
  • Residues (Music for the dance Planes) (2007) for digital media
  • Music for the dance Three More Kinds of Loneliness (2006) for digital media
  • Hmmng (Music for the dance Perimeter of a Parameter) (2006) for digital media, camcorder, computer and dancers
  • Bubbles (2005) for digital media
  • Matsumushi (Music for the dance Reflections in an Eye of Titanium) (2005) for digital media
  • Music for dance duets (2004) for clarinet, violin, cello, and marimba
  • Music for the dance Les eléments dansants et les chevreaux (2002) for chamber ensemble
  • Spiral Staircases (2001) for violin, piano, and tape/drum
  • Thirteen Phrases (Music for the dance The Ennead) (2001) for B flat trumpet and trombone
  • 1 by 8 by 3 (2000) for trio improvising on various instruments
  • The Seventy-Fifth Year of the Hundred Years War (1999) for clarinet and cello with piano
  • Two Elemental Songs (1998) for two vocalists and piano
  • -Logues, 'Ludes & Improvs (Music for the dance Movements) (1997) for violin, cello and piano
  • Music for the dance Movements I, V (1996) for violin and piano
  • Four Ostinato Etudes (1996) for piano
  • 24 Inventions for Violin and Piano (Music for the dance astory) (1996)
  • 24 Inventions Intertwined (1996) for piano
  • Music for the dance Bound Rebound (1995) for piano
  • Meditation for Violin (1995) for violin and piano
  • Music for Flights (1995) for violin, viola, trombone and piano
  • ...and other works composed before 1995

Choreographers using his music include

Kathleya Afanador - LaRue Allen - Chris Black - Jumay Chu - Donna Davenport - June Finch - Janice Kovar - Peggy Lawler - Joyce Morgenroth - Lynn Neuman - Jim Self - Jacob Slominski - Byron Suber - and others